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Skyone delivers communication strategies for companies that enhance the value and utility of their public listings. Our professional team assists businesses in elevating their corporate profiles in increasingly competitive capital markets.

We have built up us as one of the most successful capital market advisory institutions in the Canadian Chinese communities with coverage of a certain market share in the high net worth equity trading retail investors in the communities. Meanwhile, we have also established business relationship with the investment institutions in mainland China. We believe our extensive client base will help add value to our clients. Our client base includes: China QDIIs (Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors), high net worth retail investors in the Canadian Chinese communities, Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking investment advisors , private placement investment entities and diversified joint account investment clubs.

The services of Skyone include investment communities’ networking, capital raising roadshow, event management, building reputation and brand. Our mission is to help issuers derive the maximum value from their listings.

Strategies we deploy in Investor Relations include: